About Us

Philadelphia Yugioh
Hello, and welcome to YuGiOldSchool! Presented to you by P&K Brothers!
Started in July of 2017, we have been steadily building our fan and customer base through instagram, but we are here now to bring it all to you on our brand new website. 
We're a small company based in Philadelphia and we're here to bring you the best assortment of Old School and New School products! We range from sealed booster packs, to booster boxes, all the way down to single cards!  So please give us a look and enjoy!

Our Goal

Here at YuGiOldSchool our goal is to provide you with the best shopping experience for Old School and New School Yu-Gi-Oh and Pokemon Products!

We take pride in our customer satisfaction, and that will always come first. If you ever have a problem shopping here at YuGiOldSchool.com, please feel free to contact us immediately!