Tutorial: How to Ship Cards Properly!

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If you want repeat customers, follow this free and simple guide and I promise you, you'll get returning customers based off your packaging alone! 

You will need the following: 

  1. Printer
  2. Laptop/Computer
  3. Computer Paper
  4. Bubble Envelopes
  5. Duck Tape
  6. Duck Tape Gun
  7. Scotch Tape
  8. Envelopes
  9. Ultra Pro Penny Sleeves
  10. KMC Hyper Matte Sleeves
  11. KMC Clear Sleeves
  12. BCW Top Loaders
  13. Team Bags
  14. A Scale
  15. Bubble Wrap

 Also bookmark this link: www.paypal.com/shiplabel/create


Best Way To Ship Cards: 

A. Single Cards

I. Cards less than $1

Use 1 Ultra Pro Penny Sleeve

II. Cards $1-$9

Ultra Pro Matte Sleeves + Ultra Pro Penny Sleeves

III. Anything $10+

Ultra Pro Matte Sleeves + KMC Clear Sleeves Ultra Pro Penny Sleeves

 B. Multiple Low Priced Cards (Less than $0.50 Each)

I. Ultra Pro Penny Sleeves 

II. BCW Top Loaders

Sandwich the sleeved cards in between two top loaders. 

C. Getting Cards Ready

I. BCW Top Loaders + Team Bags 

Add your single cards to top loaders and now you can add them to Team Bags with your business card, which I advise everyone to at least make some sort of card, to look more professional. Add the top loaders to the bag, maximum of 5 top loaders per bag. Strip away the seal and evenly seal over the flap. 

D. Preparing for Shipment 

I. Lay the team bag in the center bottom of the bubble wrap sheet (the one linked is perforated perfectly.) Bubble Wrap


II. Roll from the bottom up, and tape it off. Scotch Tape



III. Fold the ends together and use one strip of tape to hold them together. 


E. Packaging

I. 6x10 Is the most common one I use. Bubble Envelopes 

II. Remove the strip (Make sure to finish preparing everything and it's ready to go before removing this strip, as the glue is very sticky and hard to un-stick.) Then add duck tape over the seal for extra protection. 

Duck Tape Gun

III. Weighing Scale Most of the time, if you're shipping just cards, it'll be 3 Oz's or less. 

F. Shipping Rates

I. Remember that link I told you to bookmark?

You probably didn't but here it is www.paypal.com/shiplabel/create

Go to the link and login, it should bring you to this screen. Enter your customers shipping information. ALWAYS CONFIRM WITH YOUR CUSTOMER WHAT THEIR SHIPPING ADDRESS IS. EVEN IF THE ADDRESS SHOWS UP ON PAYPAL. DOUBLE CHECK. Also please remember it is illegal to share anyone's personal information especially if they give it to you under a business interaction. 

II. Shipping Rates

Depending on the weight of your item and how much you are shipping affects your shipping options.

  • If the item is $100 or less and less than 1 LB go with First Class Mail Parcel Service (With Tracking) 
  • If the item is $100+ and more than 1 LB go with Priority Mail Service Package/Thick Envelope Option. You will have to input the WxLxH of the package you are shipping in. In this case it should be 6x10x2 

G. Finished!

Thats it! You are now packaging and shipping singles like a pro! Stay tuned for more free tutorials as the next one will be on how to properly shipped sealed products! If this review helped you please share it with as many people as you can! Also please use the links I've provided to purchase the products as it will benefit the website and company! Thank you all for the support! 


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